Italian Car Show at Lonsdale

With a limited amount of time on Sunday, I decided to stop by the beginnings of the Father’s Day Italian Car Show at Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver before hitting the Dundarave Porsche Show & Ride. In hindsight, I should’ve done things the other way around, as the Italian collectors seemed a bit slower on the arrival then the Porsche guys who were out in full force between 10 and 11am over in West Vancouver. There were only about 15 cars out when I arrived at Lonsdale at 10am, but my were they gorgeous. The Maserati 3500 GT Superleggera and the Alfa Romeo 1600Z pictured below were two that caught my eyes right away. No Ferrari’s or Lamborghini’s had arrived yet, which was actually kind of nice as it allowed me to focus in closely on the details of just a few cars, the Alfa Romeos, the Fiats, Maseratis, and Lancias. I love the details, I love seeing all the interesting little things that these more unique cars came with. Todays vehicles just can’t compare in any way.

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Mobbing an Eagle

Yesterday in West Vancouver I, and many other onlookers, were able to witness this large Eagle taking claim on some high up property that apparently belonged to a few other local birds. The Eagle swooped into this spot with a loud cry and soon after there were three very irate crows that flew out from the tree and began dive-bombing the Eagle. Even a Seagull joined in the mobbing later on. Unfortunately we had to leave before we could find out what the outcome of this conflict was.