Bali Blue

While Vancouver has a fair share of Porsche’s kicking around its streets, there’s some that stand out a lot more than others. Now some might stand out because they have bold, exotic features, some have big spoilers and widened body panels, and some have brightly coloured wheels, graphics, and roll cages. Amongst all these Porsches though, there is one model called the 356.



The 356 was built from 1948-1965 and it fused together high-class fashion and sportiness so incredibly well, and so timelessly that it stands out amongst any crowd for simply being so damn beautiful. And while it has your eyes captivated by it’s beauty, the sporty shape, and the details of the gauges and instruments grab at your soul, drawing out an inescapable desire to get behind the wheel and just drive. It’s the kind of car you’d expect to find a young, fashionable Robert Redford in, perhaps driving through a picturesque European countryside with the windows down on a sunny Saturday morning to pick up the local paper, or a book, and bring it back to his cottage. Or maybe Audrey Hepburn in a silk headscarf, long gloves and sunglasses zipping through the streets of Paris, a luggage rack and suitcases on the back. It’s the type of car that is so classy it almost seems fitting only in dreamt up scenarios, or picture perfect movie scenes with handsome actors or beautiful actresses.



This particular Porsche 356, in its lustrous coats of Bali Blue, is a 1964 SC model, original to BC and bought from Clarkdale VW in 1964. It sat and collected dust after the 70’s and it was many years before, thankfully, it was given a bare metal restoration undertaken by the team at Jakobs Porsche Specialists in North Vancouver, BC.  They did a phenomenal job on the car. I could not stop looking at the gorgeous Bali Blue paint and combing over all the elegant little details.




















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Classic Car Adventures Thanksgiving Day Sea To Sky Run 2013

I had been looking forward to this years CCA Sea to Sky run for a long time, and it definitely did not disappoint this year.  The weather turned out just incredible, giving us a beautiful brisk morning drive along the waters of the Howe Sound, Northwest of Vancouver. I guess the good weather brought out a few more cars this year as 30 or so were expected and over 200 of all interesting sorts showed up! From Minis, to MGB’s, Austin Healeys, Morgans and Triumphs, to Porsches of all years, 3 Caterhams, classic VW’s, BMW’s, Mercedes, Saabs and Volvos, plenty of American metal, a healthy dose of Datsuns, two classic Rolls’, a Ferrari, an Opel GT, a 300 SL Gullwing, and the only Noble M12 in Canada among many others. Even another Miata showed up to keep my red one company this year!  The drive from North Vancouver to Britannia Beach was, just like last year,  the perfect close to the car show season. The event was a real hit this year! Thanks again to Dave and Warwick of Classic Car Adventures for throwing together this awesome event, and a huge thanks to Galileo Coffee Company for opening up your parking lot to the event, and for your friendly service and excellent coffee and food!






















































Photos from the 2012 Sea to Sky Run here.