British Classics on a Fall Day in Whistler

Before the weather in Vancouver turned to the fall season, I got together with a few friends and took a drive up the Sea to Sky Highway to enjoy our cars before putting them away. After arriving in the village and walking around we stumbled upon a Classic British Car show. I was immediately taken in by all the classic details of these beautiful British sports cars.
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A shot of the group stopped near Pemberton


Classic Car Adventures Thanksgiving Day Sea To Sky Run 2013

I had been looking forward to this years CCA Sea to Sky run for a long time, and it definitely did not disappoint this year.  The weather turned out just incredible, giving us a beautiful brisk morning drive along the waters of the Howe Sound, Northwest of Vancouver. I guess the good weather brought out a few more cars this year as 30 or so were expected and over 200 of all interesting sorts showed up! From Minis, to MGB’s, Austin Healeys, Morgans and Triumphs, to Porsches of all years, 3 Caterhams, classic VW’s, BMW’s, Mercedes, Saabs and Volvos, plenty of American metal, a healthy dose of Datsuns, two classic Rolls’, a Ferrari, an Opel GT, a 300 SL Gullwing, and the only Noble M12 in Canada among many others. Even another Miata showed up to keep my red one company this year!  The drive from North Vancouver to Britannia Beach was, just like last year,  the perfect close to the car show season. The event was a real hit this year! Thanks again to Dave and Warwick of Classic Car Adventures for throwing together this awesome event, and a huge thanks to Galileo Coffee Company for opening up your parking lot to the event, and for your friendly service and excellent coffee and food!






















































Photos from the 2012 Sea to Sky Run here.

One Last Drive Before Winter | Classic Car Adventures Thanksgiving Day Sea To Sky Run

I have always preferred driving events as opposed to sitting all day at a car show, and as the season was winding down I was longing to get a good autumn drive in the Miata as most of the car events through the summer were given to my modified VW. So when my friend Dave of Classic Car Adventures told me they were having a Thanksgiving morning run to Britannia Beach, and that the regular pre-1979 rules didn’t apply, I immediately planned to be there.

We started the drive in North Vancouver at the Superstore parking lot, where there had to be at least 40-50 cars(There may have been more than that actually). It was a great turnout with a big thanks to the sunshine for sticking around well into October. Plenty of different cars showed up, British, German, Japanese, American. My Miata, and my friend’s Porsche 964 beside me(in the first photo) were two of the newer cars at 1990 along with an early-mid 90’s Corvette. There was a good spread of cars from the  late 40’s all the way up to the 90’s. It was a really different group of cars then what I have been used to as well as a lot of cars and people I have not seen before. It was nice meeting some people, and my wife and I really enjoyed the change of scenery from going to the same shows and cruises over the past few years.

Everyone left North Vancouver around 9am. I found some solidarity in a group of roadsters who I cruised up to Britannia Beach with. Everyone in the convertibles were bundled up in toques, scarves and coats but I know for myself, and probably for the others, I was enjoying the crisp autumn morning air and the twisty roads. The highway was absolutely littered with police that morning. I am pretty sure none of us on the cruise got pulled over as we were all driving pretty responsibly, but they were snagging a lot of other drivers who were blowing by us.

The Thanksgiving Day Sea To Sky Run was nothing short of a brilliant way to end off the season and it definitely is aiding the fact that I am caring less and less for new cars. Driving past new, dull, safety first designed, “oatmeal”(see Jerry Seinfeld comment on this in a CCGC episode at 4:35) in a large group of older cars so full of colour, curves, character and style certainly gives you a dulled perspective on newer vehicles.

Dave and the Classic Car Adventures put on a really good morning drive, I can definitely see my self heading to more of their events. Just gotta get my hands on a pre-79′ vehicle! Anyone know of any old Irish Green 911’s around?

Oh and by the way, the coffee at Galileo Coffee Company is absolutely fantastic. Check it out some time if you haven’t.

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Update: Photos from the 2013 CCA Thanksgiving Run are now up, click here to check them out!