Salzburg Rally Beetle | Retro Cars Magazine Cover Feature

Pacing the roads of the Sea to Sky Highway in BC is one place you may spot this 1971 Beetle built by Dave Hord, but don’t be fooled by the clean appearance portrayed in these images because you’ll also find this car tearing up the dirt roads all around the forests and mountains along the Sea to Sky.



Never having met before, Dave called me up one day regarding his beetle, saying he knew that he wanted me to shoot it, and that the shoot should be featured in Retro Cars Magazine, and that it needed to be done before it hit the dirt. I was very flattered, and couldn’t wait to shoot the car. Dave’s plans definitely did come to fruition as the car was completed, the shoot was done, it was featured in Retro Cars Magazine November 2013 issue(It even made the cover!), and now he drives it daily and competes in Rallycross events and Time Speed Distance Rallies with it.



The car was built to resemble an original 71′-73′ Porsche Austria(the official importers of Volkswagen at the time) Salzburg Rally Beetle, but underneath it’s retro livery is much more modern equipment, giving this car performance that could put Porsches to shame in the twisties. This is what I hear anyway. Dave has yet to take me for a ride in it… eh hem…Dave.













While Dave’s time, hard work, mechanical skill, and attention to detail can be clearly seen in his Beetle, you can also see that his qualities extend to many other areas of his life and one of those is putting on some great events. Dave and a good friend of his, Warwick Patterson run Classic Car Adventures and they put together some amazing classic car road rallies in British Columbia. I have featured two of their events in the past here: 2013 Thanksgiving Sea To Sky Run, 2012 Thanksgiving Sea To Sky Run



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Classic Car Adventures Thanksgiving Day Sea To Sky Run 2013

I had been looking forward to this years CCA Sea to Sky run for a long time, and it definitely did not disappoint this year.  The weather turned out just incredible, giving us a beautiful brisk morning drive along the waters of the Howe Sound, Northwest of Vancouver. I guess the good weather brought out a few more cars this year as 30 or so were expected and over 200 of all interesting sorts showed up! From Minis, to MGB’s, Austin Healeys, Morgans and Triumphs, to Porsches of all years, 3 Caterhams, classic VW’s, BMW’s, Mercedes, Saabs and Volvos, plenty of American metal, a healthy dose of Datsuns, two classic Rolls’, a Ferrari, an Opel GT, a 300 SL Gullwing, and the only Noble M12 in Canada among many others. Even another Miata showed up to keep my red one company this year!  The drive from North Vancouver to Britannia Beach was, just like last year,  the perfect close to the car show season. The event was a real hit this year! Thanks again to Dave and Warwick of Classic Car Adventures for throwing together this awesome event, and a huge thanks to Galileo Coffee Company for opening up your parking lot to the event, and for your friendly service and excellent coffee and food!






















































Photos from the 2012 Sea to Sky Run here.