Dundarave Porsche Show & Ride 2014

The Dundarave Porsche Show & Ride is a must attend event every year for me. It’s a laid back atmosphere with beautiful Porsches of all years, great conversation with owners, builders, restorers, and friends, as well as good coffee and food all right on the main strip in the little West Vancouver village. It’s an event not to be missed if you are any bit into Porsches, which of course, I am.

Official Event Page: http://showandride.ca/

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2013 Photos: https://andrewholliday.wordpress.com/2013/06/18/dundarave-porsche-show-ride/

All works © Andrew Holliday Photography 2014

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Classic Car Adventures Thanksgiving Day Sea To Sky Run 2013

I had been looking forward to this years CCA Sea to Sky run for a long time, and it definitely did not disappoint this year.  The weather turned out just incredible, giving us a beautiful brisk morning drive along the waters of the Howe Sound, Northwest of Vancouver. I guess the good weather brought out a few more cars this year as 30 or so were expected and over 200 of all interesting sorts showed up! From Minis, to MGB’s, Austin Healeys, Morgans and Triumphs, to Porsches of all years, 3 Caterhams, classic VW’s, BMW’s, Mercedes, Saabs and Volvos, plenty of American metal, a healthy dose of Datsuns, two classic Rolls’, a Ferrari, an Opel GT, a 300 SL Gullwing, and the only Noble M12 in Canada among many others. Even another Miata showed up to keep my red one company this year!  The drive from North Vancouver to Britannia Beach was, just like last year,  the perfect close to the car show season. The event was a real hit this year! Thanks again to Dave and Warwick of Classic Car Adventures for throwing together this awesome event, and a huge thanks to Galileo Coffee Company for opening up your parking lot to the event, and for your friendly service and excellent coffee and food!






















































Photos from the 2012 Sea to Sky Run here.

Vancouver Automotive Shoot | Mike’s Golf R32 Turbo

The Volkswagen MkIV Golf R32 is most definitely my favorite car that VW has released in recent years. The menacing looks far outdo the MkV, and the 3.2 VR6 really cannot be replaced by the 2.0L Turbo of the MkVI. I really feel that VW did a great thing with the MkIV R32, but have not come up with a true equivalent in the 5th or 6th generation. I have had the pleasure to photograph two of these cars for Mike(I included a photo of his previous Tornado Red R32 at the bottom of this post), and I just can’t get enough of them. This particular example came to Mike from below the border and required pretty much a complete engine overhaul. Mike and a few good buddies took a lot of time to work on this car through the winter/spring of 2012, and eventually got the motor running good and strong, and man was this thing fast. The car dyno’d at 383 awhp and 439 lbft torque at 23 psi. All dialed in the car was making almost 500hp at the crank. Beautiful work on this car Mike,  it was a blast while it was around!










Mike’s previous Tornado Red R32 on a shoot I did of it a few years back.

Other R32 shoots I have done:


Black Magic Pearl MkIV R32

Vancouver Automotive Shoot | Mike’s 63′ Lincoln Continental












Vancouver Automotive Shoot | Mike’s 1.8T Rabbit

For as long as I can remember being in the Vancouver VW scene I can remember that Mike always had some of the nicest, most meticulously kept cars around and he was and still is an innovator in the local VW scene. I would also say that Mike is one of the friendliest, most down to earth characters you could meet in the local scene. When I first met Mike he had a rare Oceanic Blue Audi Coupe GT, then he moved onto a Seqouia Green 1995 Jetta GLX VR6 which eventually got a Vortech V1 Supercharger and was definitely one of the cleanest Mk3’s around. After the Jetta, Mike got into a 1977 Rabbit that was a little more on the rat style side of things, and though he didn’t hang on to that car for a very long period of time, the Mk1 fever definitely stayed with him.

While driving a black Mk2 GTI, Mike got his hands on a clean 1982 Westmoreland Rabbit shell and it turned into a full fledge project from there. Mike acquired a 1.8T motor from a wrecked 2003 20th Anniversary Edition GTI and the car was stripped and off for metal work which included shaving the engine bay, sunroof and side markers, welding on an early Rabbit front end, and modifying the rear end to fit early Rabbit tail lights. Most of the early parts Mike gathered for this project were from a 1980 German Rabbit he also had and parted out. The 82′ was then painted Sunbrite Yellow, an original early Rabbit colour, by Paragon Collision in North Vancouver. After the paintbooth the 1.8T was put in along with a Eurojet intake pipe, Mishimoto Front Mounted Intercooler, and an 02J transmission as well as H&R Ultra Low coilovers, Wilwood Brakes, and 16×7 BBS RS003’s on 165/45/16 tyres. The outside of the car was pieced back together with plenty of beautiful polished items, and the interior had a complete makeover. An early uncracked dashboard was sourced and wrapped in green, and the new look you see on the Mk1 Scirocco S Recaro seats, Sea Grass Green carpet, green headliner, door cards, and all the other pieces in this incredible retro interior were artistically, and skillfully created by Tim at Velocity Upholstery.

Mike also had a lot of help from the guys over at Shift Autosport in Burnaby. They were responsible for puling the 1.8T from the 20th AE GTI, mocking the engine up in the 82′ and the final install of the engine. They even rescued us after a mishap on our first photoshoot attempt. Mike and I found a nice sunny evening for photos and I was just about at the location when I got a call from Mike who’s poor bunny became victim to the Highway 1 Improvement Project construction after 30 minutes of driving on a day permit. An odd dip and bump in the road took out his oil pan and just like that the shoot was cancelled for the day. Luckily Mike’s misfortune happened near Shift and we were able to get the car towed to the shop after hours; thank goodness that Rich, the owner, was still around. The next morning the damaged oil pan was replaced, and the car was good to go again. That evening we made our way back to Vancouver, which very typically, after a full morning and afternoon of sun, started raining on us. Not what we wanted as I was hoping to show off the brightness of the yellow with a sunset in the background and the evening glow hitting the car. Instead we shot for the next few hours under an umbrella, and then under a bridge when it started raining even more. Even though it rained a lot, I really loved the opportunity to photograph such a finely crafted retro VW. I can’t wait to get the car in front of my camera again on a sunny Spring day in 2013.

Some of the other crew that came out to help with the shoot and chill. Thanks again Dennis, Cameron, and Bridgette!

Velocity Upholstery

Shift Autosport

Paragon Collision