Classic Car Adventures Thanksgiving Day Sea To Sky Run 2014

Autumn has fully set in in the city of Vancouver now. The leaves are mostly on the ground, and the infamous Vancouver rains have kicked in. It is time to sit down in a snug little cafe, with a hot pumpkin flavoured beverage, and perhaps read a book to pass by some of those grey skies. My wife and I, and many others didn’t get our coffees and books out too quickly though, not before one last drive up our favourite stretch of local road in Vancouver, because Classic Car Adventures annual Thanksgiving Sea to Sky Run was last Monday and it was time to shine up the car one last time, put the top down, and enjoy the brisk fall air along the mountain lined, sea side, curvy highway, with the most diverse group of classic, and retro cars you will find this side of the 49th parallel. The event had a new meeting place at Capilano University, as well as the Sea to Sky Gondola as the new destination point. Both spots worked out great I’d say! The event was under those looming grey autumn skies, and thankfully we stayed mostly dry, except for a short period of heavy rain on the Sea to Sky highway where we did give in and pulled over to put the top up as the rain was starting to come into the car. Clearly we needed to be driving faster. There were two or three other convertibles that pushed on through the rain with their tops down. I applaud them, especially since the one Austin Healey didn’t really have a top up option. Once we arrived at the Sea to Sky Gondola the rains cleared up and gave way to the beautiful site of the Chief, which stands tall over Squamish. Plenty of cars made it out, and the Gondola cafe did a great job of serving up coffee to everyone.
Big Thanks to Dave and Warwick of Classic Car Adventures for putting on this great event every year, and for finding some better, more accommodating spots to meet as well, and also to the staff at the Sea to Sky Gondola cafe for working hard to make drinks and food for everyone who came out! I am already looking forward to next year!

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Photos from the 2013 Run here.


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