A Bit About Friends and Volkswagens | Featuring Toby’s Dusty Mauve GTI

I have met so many great people over my years of photographing cars and being involved in Vancouver’s VW scene. A lot of these people have become good friends, and I have shared many fantastic memories with them. Toby is one of those friends. I have had the pleasure of shooting a few of Toby’s modified VW’s, hanging around with the guy at various meets, shows, stags, and weddings, sharing laughs over drinks and dinners, and even ripping it up on the dance floor in a Whistler night club on the annual Fall VW Whistler cruise.


Most recently though, about a month before this shoot of his Dusty Mauve GTI VR6 I had the honour of shooting Toby and his wife Maggie’s wedding at Mount Washington on Vancouver Island. It was really special being there to witness these two get hitched. The two were quite emotional and it was beautiful to watch. Toby was especially ecstatic, and he may or may not have teared up when he first saw Maggie coming down a forest surrounded boardwalk in her stunning wedding dress. He definitely didn’t hide any emotion that day.


The top of the mountain venue was just incredible, and Toby and Maggie did a phenomenal job on the decor. There was beautiful speeches, creme brûlée, and delicious food. The drinks, the dancing, the live band, and the good times went on late into the night.


My wife and I were able to stay the night at a chalet with two other couples, the husbands of which were Toby’s groomsmen, and also very into VW’s. One couple, Trav and Sheilagh, I have known for quite a while now and we have become good friends. The other couple was Jeremy and Aileen. Jeremy and I met at Trav’s stag not too long ago, and at Toby’s wedding was our first time meeting Aileen. Both couples are just awesome, and I honestly couldn’t have been happier to share a chalet with them. I know for certain we will see a lot more of them in the future.


I also gotta mention one of the other groomsmen, Dean, who I met long ago through, yeah you guessed it, Volkswagens. Dean is an incredible guy, who is always there to help out fellow enthusiasts and friends. Him and Trav helped me(well, really they did all the work and I ordered pizza) install a new heater core(the worst job on that generation of Golf) in my old VW. I absolutely can’t take for granted the friends that I have found through the VW scene in Vancouver over the years. Toby, Trav, Jer, Dean, and many others I know are real quality people, and would always go the extra mile for their friends. It’s a true pleasure to know all these people, and to get to spend time with them, wether I am behind the lens or not.


Here’s just a few from their wedding. The theme colour was Dusty Mauve. Perfect.

The gents. Jeremy(far left), Toby(middle), Trav, (3rd from the right), and Dean(second from the right). It should also be said here that Toby loves his Guinness. Cheers!

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