Coast to Canyon | Bryce Canyon, Utah

…Continuation from Coast to Canyon | Arizona

The road from the Grand Canyon to Bryce Canyon was a hot and grueling one. It was definitely the toughest part for Kristen and I, and for the Miata. It was the only time on the trip when I was even slightly worried about the car. Going up some of the larger and very long hills to the 9000 ft above sea level, Bryce Canyon(Grand Canyon is 7000 ft.), in the heat of the day was getting the Miata’s temperature up above normal and it was starting to concern me a little. However, Audrey(that’s the name of our Miata) got over that largest of climbs, cooled back down, and went along quite smoothly for the rest of the trip. Also, you can really only go so long with the top down in the middle of the desert. We were applying sun screen  basically every hour, and you end up feeling wind whipped from the high speeds. We often had the top up and the back window unzipped which actually worked quite well! Air conditioning is for pansies!

We camped at a really nice campground right by the rim of Bryce Canyon. Quite different from the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon is full of massive hoodoo’s. It’s a real sight to behold. It was also a little more accessible, in that you could more easily get right into the canyon and amongst the hoodoos. No safety fences here.










We caught the evening light at Inspiration Point and hiked a little ways down into the canyon.









After a really nice evening stroll in the Canyon, we had a good nights sleep, and woke up to more sun and hot showers and were now on the road back North towards home.


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