Coast to Canyon | Our First Roadtrip Together: Oregon Coast

This is the start of a few posts that will cover Kristen and I’s road trip from last summer(June 1st-17th) down to Los Angeles all the way along the coastline, over to Arizona, up through the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon in Utah, and back home through Idaho, Eastern Oregon and Central Washington. We camped almost every night, except for a few of which we decided to splurge on a hotel and best of all, we did the trip(6500km’s) in our 1990 Miata! I will leave the posts mostly to pictures, but there will be a few more like this post through some of the different states, as well as a post that covers a little more details of doing the drive in a tiny convertible with no A/C. There will also be a “Textures” feature from this trip to look for on a new section of my website( coming soon.

Coming off of this trip, I have to say that it was quite an adventure. We only booked one campsite ahead of time and didn’t entirely plan the route, but instead flew by the seat of our pants. It was true freedom, and we loved it! We had an incredible time, and got to see and experience so many different things that you just can’t when you fly in somewhere. This was Kristen and I’s first big trip together and we both had such an incredible time. We would do it again in a heartbeat!

Our first stop was Astoria Oregon(we skipped quickly through Washington down the I-5, though I think I’d like to do the coast there in the future as well), in which we decided to stay in a hotel since we got a very nice birthday gift of money(specifically for a hotel stay) from my Mom and Dad. Thanks Mom and Dad! The hotel was right underneath the Astoria-Megler Bridge(The longest continuous Truss Bridge in North America). The shot below is from our bedroom window.


We spent some time exploring the town the evening we got there and found some really interesting shops and the Astoria Coffee House and Bistro. It was such a unique place and I had my first Oregon beer there. A Mirror Pond Pale Ale from Deschutes Brewery. I think we will be back to visit Astoria someday.




A brief stop at Cannon Beach. How can you not stop here, what a beautiful place!






We stopped at Tillamook Cheese, though I didn’t particularly enjoy the experience. The place was just a little too busy for my liking. That and the cheese sampler bins were invaded by hoards of kids getting their grubby little hands on everything. That and I would much prefer a small, more specialized cheese shop any day(we found one much later in the trip in Leavenworth).We got some ice cream and took off quickly for the peace and quiet of whisking through the coastal roads.


Ha, I think I was more inspired by the Tillamook parking lot…


Just after Tillamook was our first chance to get the Top down on the Miata! This spot was also the first taste of real coast driving for us.


Our second stop was Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park, aka Sand Dunes!!!







Jumping off the edges of the dunes was a very good time, though I ripped holes on the knees in a pair of jeans so big they were no longer wearable. We also made some tracks in the dunes on a pair of quads which were a lot of fun, but I did not bring my camera along for that.








The campsite at J M Honeyman. We were the only people anywhere near this spot. We had a whole section of the campground to ourselves.


We stopped for coffee and lunch at Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters and explored the town of Florence a bit too. Below is the Siuslaw River Bridge.





We packed up the next morning just before a torrential downpour started and decided to drive out the storm, which put us all the way into Garberville, California(just under 500km’s) for our next stop; it was a big storm. Check back soon for the California portion of the trip!


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