Harmony Gardens Feature Part II

Part II of my feature on Harmony Gardens covers a property in the Fraser Heights Area. These photos are the beginning stages of a completed project. Everything was freshly planted shortly before these shots were taken. The photos are from September 2010. My Dad and I put in all the rock work and plants that you see in the summer/fall of 2010, when I joined back up working with my Dad in the few short months after leaving my old job of landscaping at Willingdon Church. We also put in the completely custom backyard fountain in that time. I wish there were some before photos of this property for comparison. I will likely get back to this property in 2013 to show how it has progressed from the stage it’s at in these photos.

See Part I here.

These hanging baskets were custom made by dad.

The fountain after completion, just waiting for the new plants to fill in.