Vancouver Island Automotive Shoot | Performance VW Magazine Feature: Alex’s Golf VR5 Turbo

Over the last few years I have noticed that Mk2’s have been getting few and far between. I remember when I got my license ten years ago and most of the aftermarket companies carried heavy product stock  for Mk2 and 3’s. The wrecking yards were full of the older VW’s and finding parts new and used was quite an easy task. Now I rarely see a Mk2 driving the streets of Vancouver, but more than that, a tastefully modified, beautiful condition MK2, and even more than that is one with an engine swap so rare, it makes the car one of four in the world. Alex’s MK2 has a 2.3 L VR5 motor under the hood, an engine never offered in a VW in Canada. To make the car/motor combination even more interesting and to add little more vitesse to the equation a custom turbo setup was bolted on. The car runs a healthy 220whp at 6 psi.

PVW contacted me about Alex’s car and I was so excited to shoot it I called him up right away and we arranged a time to meet up and get the shots done. This included a ferry ride over to Vancouver Island, but as I love going to the island, riding on the ferries, and shooting cars, this was no issue at all! I had also been hoping to photograph the unique green colour of Alex’s car for a while, and when I got to the island and took the first shot, I was not disappointed one bit. The colour was an absolute pleasure to photograph. Alex was a great guy to work with, he put tons of effort into building this car with many of his friends including the late Will Gibson who put a great deal of work into the creation of Alex’s car.

The car was featured in the May 2012 issue of Performance VW Magazine. You can find the magazine feature at the bottom of the post.


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