At the mid-point! Arizona!

I was hoping to get 1 or 2 more blog posts in before getting here, but the wifi connections and timing haven’t exactly worked out, which is alright, because we have been having an amazing time! We are in Chandler, Arizona staying with my grandparents right now. We stopped in many places after Astoria, including: Canon Beach, Tillamook, Florence and the sand dunes, The Redwood Forest, Sonoma, Samuel P. Taylor State Park, San Fransisco, Monterey, and then a skip through Los Angeles at night, and a long drive through to Chandler, Arizona. It’s 40 degrees here, and we have been enjoying sitting by a pool and really relaxing for two days. It’s also been neat talking with my grandparents about our family history, found out we are indeed related to Doc Holliday! Pretty cool! Anyhow, below is a small collection of photos and descriptions we have taken along the way.

Canon Beach

Our Miata reached 100,000 km’s on the odometer just North of Tillamook.

Oregon Sand Dunes at J.M Honeyman State Park, just South of Florence

Siuslaw River Bridge in Florence

First glimpse of water after the incredibly curvy start through the forest on the #1 highway from the 101 in California. Most incredible driving experience I have ever had!

This background makes me think of Jurassic park.

A random beach we stopped at in NorCal. This home is in one pretty incredible spot. I’d love to be there during a storm.

Heading back to the 101 took us through wine country!

Sonoma! We got there just in time for their Tuesday night Farmers Market. The town was incredibly lively!

Lombard Street, San Fran, and my beautiful wife!

More of San Francisco. Loved this city, makes Vancouver feel a bit small, and so young. We also found a really, really good cafe where all the locals ate, it was a nice break, and kind of the thing we were looking for instead of all the the big tourist filled spots, though we did hit a few of those. We crossed the Golden Gate and got two rides on the cable cars!!! So fun! Vancouver needs cable cars. Just sayin’.