En Route, stopped in Astoria

We managed to pack everything into the Miata for the trip, though before we hit the border we decided to ditch a few things(camping stove, frying pan, and some clothes) at my parents place in order to free up some space and some weight. We made it through the border line in good time, had a hilarious and friendly border guard, and were off down the I-5 and on our way to Fort Stevens State Park, Oregon for camping, or so we thought…. We hit bad traffic through, Seattle, Tacoma, and even after that, well, pretty sure it was the middle of nowhere, but there was traffic there. We got delayed quite a bit and weren’t sure if we’d make it to the campsite in time to actually score a spot. On the way to Fort Stevens we had to pass through the small ocean town of Astoria. Well, we didn’t make it past Astoria actually. The town is full of beautiful old architecture, small coffee shops, and interesting boutiques and is home to the longest continuous Truss Bridge in North America, the incredible Astoria-Megler Bridge. We found a Holiday Inn Express and decided to splurge for our first night away. Which turned out to be a great decision as it allowed us to explore the town, get some photos(before it started pouring rain) and then go out for some organic beer at the Astoria Coffee House and Bistro, and relax after the longest, and most tiring stretch of the drive. Let me tell you, it was such a relief to get off the I-5!

I am sitting in our hotel room right now, taking advantage of the wifi, and staring out at the view from our window (below), but we are getting ready to go into town, sit down for some coffee or tea and then start the next stretch of our trip down the Oregon Coast Highway!!!