Taking Time

It was really nice to enjoy this past Easter weekend up in Kamloops with my sister, her husband, and their little girl Luella(or Lulu). After the last few weeks which have been busy with meetings, building the new website, and Kristen having final papers due for her courses at UBC, it was a real break to go to a place where life slows down. It was fantastic to arrive in above twenty degree, sunny weather after a beautiful drive through the mountains! Vancouver has been damp and cold for the past while, so getting away from the dreary grey skies was refreshing. Kristen and I had such a great time hanging out with our little niece, reading to her, and snapping pictures. We were also stoked to get to see the fluffy baby chicks my sister had just gotten.

I did do one photography job for some friends in Kamloops who recently bought a store there; it was a fun job for a great couple. Those photos should also be up soon! I also just had fun snapping photos of family. It was a solid relaxing weekend. A good chance to slow down and recharge for the coming season of photography which is starting to look quite busy! I am super excited about that and the jobs, plans, and dreams that are taking shape over the next while.

Life can get busy, and often I’ve found that to be a very good thing. Lots gets done! I have found it so important though to take breaks here and there, get away from the bustling city and enjoy the slow, relaxed pace of life that can be found in a smaller town. I am so glad I have family I can stay with in Kamloops; it’s great to have a somewhat close getaway, and fun family to hang out with. Working for myself has proven that it can wear me down, I often struggle with the feeling that I should be editing, out taking photos, blogging or doing something work related every minute of the day. I think it’s a common feeling when you run your own business. I am learning that taking time for myself, spending time with family, getting away for a weekend, even just scheduling myself to have a sort of 9-5 schedule are all good things. I got away with working almost constantly when I lived on my own. Almost every moment I was at home I was doing something work related. Now that I am married however my wife has helped me realize that working early, long, and late is not necessarily  the best thing and taking time for relationship, relaxation, personal projects(like working on my bike), are things that are essential to keeping motivated, inspired, creative and productive.

The ominous fat cat stalking the chicks from the back alley.

My sister had just finished building this green house all on her own before we arrived.

We even got to see the first tulip bloom in their yard.