Nick’s Volkswagen R32 UBC Session | Vancouver Automotive Photographer

Nick has had quite a number of cars that have graced the pages of my blogs over the last few years. We have gotten together many a time to photograph the cars he has built. I think we have done about five shoots together starting from a midnight blue GTI 1.8T that I photographed on three different occasions, to his tornado red mk2 Jetta VR6 Turbo which was recently featured in Performance VW Magazine, and the latest, a black magic pearl Mk4 R32 . I was even the photographer for Nick’s wedding back in 2009. A lot of that work was on my old blog and no longer appears online, though you can see shots of Nick and his beautiful wife Stephanie’s wedding in my portfolio(

I met with Nick on a very early autumn morning at his apartment and we cruised out in the R32 to the West end of Vancouver. Who wouldn’t want to go for an early morning drive in an R32? I mean maybe I love getting up early more than most other people, but when I get to go for a nice drive, and photograph a sweet car, it’s more than enough incentive for me. Getting up early totally paid off too, we caught the sunrise at Spanish Banks at just the right time, the lighting was great and the skies were incredible, full of blue, pink, and gold hues. The drive their was nothing but empty roads as well. We shot all around the UBC Campus and finished up by the mid morning. Nick has sold the R32 unfortunately, and I am not sure what he is driving around now, but I am sure something fun will come out of the works, it always does with Nick.

I also have to give many congratulations to Nick and Stephanie who recently had a baby boy, little Ethan. He is super cute and taking after the good looks of his parents already. Hope he is continually a blessing to you both, wishing you guys the best of health and lots of energy for the road ahead!


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