1938 Fairchild 24-C8F | Langley Aviation Photography

Earlier in 2011 I did a shoot with a 1938 BMW 327/28(which will likely be covered in one of the next few blogs posts). The crew from Jellybean Autocrafters(who built the BMW) and I photographed the car at a multitude of locations ending off at the Langley Regional Airport. There we were joined by Werner and his 1938 Fairchild 24-C8F which was quite suitably matched to the BMW. The perfect compliment infact, as, though some of you may not know, BMW’s roots were started in aviation. Now you know! His plane is really something else to look at. The striking colour combination really sets it off, and compliments the curves of the 1930’s very well. This is definitely one of my favorite vintage plane designs that I have seen. Werner was gracious to volunteer his plane to us for use in the photos with the BMW, and while I was having great fun shooting the car and plane together, I thought it would be nice to at least snag a few shots for Werner of the plane on it’s own.


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