Marc Ross | Granville Island Artist Session

I met musician Marc Ross back in 2010 when he played a gig at the Watershed Arts Cafe in Langley. Marc played a great set, including lots of Beatles covers and plenty of tracks from his album Blue Sky Behind, which has been a favorite in my collection for awhile now. His songs always seem to hit my ipod playlist at the right time, bringing uplifting, cheerful, and feel good tunes and lyrics to my life. My fiance and I got a good chance to chat with Marc and his wife after the show. They had just moved from Manitoba over to the coast of BC a little earlier that year. Marc gave me a copy of his CD, and we talked about doing a photoshoot at a later time.

July 2011 rolled around and I contacted Marc about helping me out with my proposal to my fiance. I wanted to have someone busking at the spot I was going to propose, and Marc was quick to oblige. He learned Coldplay’s “Strawberry Swing” and John Butler Trio’s “Fool For You”. Two songs that meant a lot to Kristen and I. He learned them in a few days and had them down perfect for the proposal. I can not thank Marc enough for being a part of that. Him being there really outlined certain aspects and experiences that characterized Kristen and I’s relationship. A week and a bit after the engagement we went to do our shoot at Granville Island.

Check out Marc’s music here.

Check out his Facebook Page here.


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