Porsche Boxster S | Fort Langley Automotive Shoot

Awhile back I was taken for an evening drive in this Porsche Boxster S and I must say, there isn’t much like it. The feeling of riding in a two seater convertible changes your whole outlook on driving. It’s a whole new experience. I have always been into European cars, so naturally I enjoy going for drives, and have done so many times since I got my license 9 years ago. Early mornings to Squamish or Whistler, evening runs up Seymour or Cypress Mountain, the occasional early Sunday morning drive to Horseshoe Bay along the lower Marine Drive route. While those have all been very enjoyable, it’s nothing like a night drive where you can look up and see a dark vast canopy over you speckled with stars, feel the wind lightly dancing on your head, look around and see all the unobstructed scenery as you fly down a forest road, and best of all, clearly hear the roar of the 3.4L flat six out the back of the centered dual exhaust. Despite what anyone says about it being a “chick car,” or the sissy Porsche, I love it, and would buy one in a heartbeat.  In my opinion, if you haven’t ridden in one of these, you have no say on the subject.

Just last week, we went out and photographed the car in the backroads of Fort Langley. Some gorgeous scenery to be had there, especially if you hit it at the right time of day, the colours are so vibrant, from the green and yellow grass fields, to the red barns. The Boxster was a pleasure to photograph! I am very happy with the way the shots turned out, and can’t wait to have a second shoot with the car sometime.







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