Sam’s Porsche 997 RUF Turbo R | Vancouver Automotive Shoot

I had the pleasure to shoot a car back in October 2010 that is one of two in North America. Sam’s stunning and compelling fully loaded Basalt Black Metallic 2007 Porsche 997 RUF Turbo R is one of two Porsche 997 Twin Turbo’s in North America to have a certified RUF Turbo R 550hp conversion done on it. This one was done by RUF technicians at the RUF Auto Centre in Dallas, Texas. This car makes around 575hp at the crank on pump gas and would likely make over 600 crank horsepower on 100 octane race gas. I got a ride in the car and it was scary fast to say the least. The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires along with the Porsche Traction Management AWD system fight against the sheer power of the 3.6L 6 cylinder Twin-Turbocharged engine for grip on the tarmac. When it hooked up, it felt as if the adaptive leather stitched sport seat I was sitting in was trying to swallow me whole as we took off down a countryside road like a fighter jet slingshotting off an aircraft carrier, the beastly tones of the RUF exhaust screaming in rebellion against gravity. The RUF coilover suspension with Bilstein damptronics keeps the car sitting at a proper height perched atop 19×9″ front and 19×11″ rear Forged RUF wheels and works in unison with the RUF sway bars to keep the car planted through the corners. The Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes and Porsche Torque Vectoring(which brakes the inner wheel to provide turning-torque through a curve) will give you all the stopping power you need when a small rodent runs out in front of you on the road, or when you want to scare the living daylights out of your passenger. Heated and ventilated seats with Porsche crests, heated steering wheel, a fire extinguisher, electronic log book, navigation/phone/bluetooth, ipod connection, interior leather package including leather instrument surround, leather door finishes, and a leather headliner are all options seen in this particular model from the factory. Other factory options include the Sport Chrono overboost package and the carbon package, other modifications include a RUF ecu upgrade, RUF air filters, a lightened flywheel, and 100 cell catalytic converters.

The car was a lot of fun to photograph, every curve so drawing and appealing, and the Yaletown backdrop full of interesting complexity. The gorgeous black paint was intensely alluring but a bit difficult to work with on a sunny day in the downtown Vancouver corridor with all the reflections. What a car this is though, and what an opportunity to shoot such an amazing, soulful, and formidable machine. It was nothing but contentment working with Sam and his easy-going, down to earth nature and I hope to shoot the car again with some different backdrops and new ideas sometime again soon.

Shout out to Sam for the opportunity, Mark Gestrin for all the help, driving, and laughs on the shoot, and to Terence Choo of GlossWorks Autospa for the detailing of the car.


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